September 27, 2018

Holidays a Time to Kick-Start Your Marketing Plan

By Jay Bemis | Advertising Systems Inc.

With Christmas but three months away, now is the time to develop a multi-faceted, digital-marketing ad campaign that can ensure your business a happy 2019 — as well as put it in prime position for success in the 2020s and beyond.

Whether your business is centered on business-to-consumer (B2C) or business-to-business (B2B) products, sales or services, Advertising Systems Inc. (ASI), of Houston, can load some valuable strategies onto your ad-campaign sleigh, starting with its expertise in search marketing.

But in addition to search, expect a blend of other strategies and services to come down the chimney with your ASI elf, including content marketing, perhaps, or email marketing, print marketing, social marketing, video marketing and more.

One happy gift recipient of the ASI elf in 2018 already? Include Plains State Bank, for which Advertising Systems developed an award-winning marketing blend: A TV commercial in 2D animation that ran on local Houston TV, as well as an in-banner video that was part of the bank’s digital marketing presence online.

The campaign brought the Texas bank a 500-percent increase in its online business-banking activity — and it earned ASI and another partner in the project, South Coast Film & Video, recognition in the 39th annual Telly Awards.

Search Marketing a Key to Campaign Success

ASI incorporates a four-layered approach into its search marketing campaigns.

One layer is keyword-oriented: ASI researches and plugs in as many as 500 keywords and search terms that will lead prospective customer searches your way.

A second layer is geographic: Geo-targeting (also known as geo-fencing) allows you to keep your ad in relevant, higher-response marketing areas. This geo-fencing, combined with programmatic ad buying and hands-on review/optimization, greatly enhances the cost-efficiency and effectiveness of your marketing program.

Demographic targeting is yet another layer of ASI’s search-marketing strategy. If your company is a B2B, for example, you can target other businesses by company size, sales volumes, executive titles and many other business and professional selections. B2C companies can target with data-infused demographics (indexing), household incomes and more.

And, finally, there’s a “retargeting” layer in the ASI search-marketing approach.

ASI will place a “tracking pixel” on certain pages of your website that keeps your brand in front of prior traffic. It has been estimated that only 2 percent of shopping traffic converts on a first visit to a site — retargeting, or remarketing, as it’s also known, can help track and bring back some of the other 98 percent. This remarketing of your ad increases brand awareness through multiple impressions after a searcher (potential customer) leaves your site and visits others.

You can learn more about ASI’s search strategies here. Talk to us soon about how incorporating these and other ASI strategies and services into your marketing plan can benefit your business.

But hurry — the holidays, and a promising new business year, are fewer than 100 days away.

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