Print Marketing

Whoever said print marketing was no longer relevant was mistaken: Print/ direct mail marketing attracts new customers, increases repeat sales, and enhances your relationship with current customers.  And it is even more effective when combined with digital direct mail strategies (IP address targeting).

But a successful print marketing campaign is more than just running an ad/promotion; it requires careful attention to targeting , audience messaging, distribution channels as well as creative, thoughtful design. With more than 18 years of experience managing print/ direct mail marketing campaigns, we’ve served clients with distributions ranging from several thousand to over 1 million – and we consistently achieve positive results:

  • Print marketing strategy development
  • Managed print campaigns (direct mail, newspaper, magazine)
  • Managed digital direct mail campaigns (IP address targeting)
  • High level targeting (geo-demographic insights, audience segmentation)
  • Local/regional/national reach capabilities
  • Ad design and proof management
  • Digital marketing integration
  • Performance analysis and reporting


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