Social Marketing

Although small businesses can easily set up their own social media accounts, they often lack the time to properly manage their profiles and campaigns. Experts estimate that it takes about 32 hours per month to properly create and maintain just one social network profile. Implementing and running a successful social media strategy over multiple networks will easily pull time away from your responsibilities as a business owner.

When you choose Advertising Systems Inc., you can leave the blogging, tweeting and posting to us. Our journalism, social media and content marketing specialists can manage your blog and social media presence across multiple networks. Build credibility, drive demand and increase site traffic with our social media marketing services:

  • Social media strategy development
  • Social network page design and optimization
  • Managed social network content development/posting services
  • Managed social network marketing campaigns
  • Managed social mirroring marketing campaigns
  • Data-driven performance analysis, optimization, and reporting

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