December 27, 2017

Here’s How We Spell a ‘Happy’ 2018 for Marketers

by Jay Bemis | Advertising Systems Inc.

May we propose a toast?

To our fellow marketers, this is how we would spell “happy” to make not only your upcoming New Year celebration sparkle with joy, but also each day, week and month of 2018 — a year for which there’s plenty of optimism among those of us in the small-business sector:

“H” in “happy” stands for your website’s home page — a gateway that proves your content is king not only for the information that it provides, but also for the increasing use of video and other trends on which you keep a watchful eye as the year rolls along.

“A” stands for wise use of analytics integration so you can understand your customers’ online experiences and then drive more and more prospective customers to your brand, be it through oft-used Google or other analytics tools that developers and website marketing services can provide.

“P” is for print marketing. Print/direct-mail marketing still is a key strategy that will help you attract new customers, increase repeat sales and enhance your relationship with current customers — especially when it’s combined with digital direct-mail strategies (IP address targeting).

A successful print-marketing campaign requires careful attention to audience messaging, distribution channels and design that’s both creative and thoughtful.

“P” number-two is for performance optimization of all of your search marketing efforts. Through the search marketing services that ASI provides, you’ll get the marketing and technical expertise that’s needed to help convert your traffic into actual customers.

“Y” is for your social presence. Setting up your own social media accounts is easy, but do you have the time to manage your profiles and campaigns properly?

Leave the blogging, tweeting, liking and posting to ASI, whose specialists can manage your blog and social media presence across multiple networks. Building credibility, driving demand and increasing site traffic all are possible with ASI’s social-media marketing services.

And to those worthy goals, we say, “Let’s raise yet another toast …”

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