January 15, 2018

4 Ways to Escape That Social Media Rut

by Jay Bemis | Advertising Systems Inc.

Scribes would call it “writer’s block,” and that always-bantering social-media colleague who sits across from you might call it something more crass — say, “brain death.” We’re talking about that point at which you’re not sure what to post on your social media channels in the days or weeks ahead and are frantically searching for ideas.

Pull hairs from your head no more. We’ve identified four ways you can escape that social media rut in which you’ve found yourself mired. Running with one of these ideas just may mean clear sailing ahead for your business’ social media channels, perhaps for weeks on end.

1) Make a Change in Your Working Atmosphere

Let’s talk about changing your mood first.

Grab your laptop and trek to that Daily Grind coffee shop a block away, where the smell and taste of freshly roasted joe will enliven your senses. Do you work from home? Turn off that 24-hour news channel that’s blaring in the background and turn instead to a “soft hits,” jazz or classical music channel, turning the volume down low so you won’t be distracted from the content creation at hand. If you prefer little sound at all, shut the door to your home office and tell yourself you’re not leaving the room until you’ve at least drafted a good outline of what you’re about to write or create.

Once you’ve tried one of these ideas and find that it helps, dip your hand into a bag of Skittles or Twizzler Cherry Bites to give yourself a reward. (The healthy eaters amongst you might opt for a carrot or celery stalk instead.)

2) Draft a Weekly Roundup of Top Biz-Related News

As for actual ideas, perhaps you’re a marketer and voraciously follow and read on a daily basis certain apps and brands.

Make notes of which stories have most intrigued you each day and compile a simple marketing news roundup near the end of the work week. Roundups should be short, but provide links for your followers so they can read the rest of the stories if they, too have become intrigued.

3) See What’s Trending With the Big Boys

If you’re in charge of your company’s social media channels, most likely Twitter and Facebook are among the channels with which you work. And, if you’re like 90 percent of a billion plus users on Facebook and 85 percent of the 317 million monthly active users on Twitter, you access those platforms on your mobile device.

When you tap your Facebook search field, the app will give you a list of currently trending topics — based on what you’ve liked but also what’s news nationally. On the desktop, you can follow Facebook’s trending news group and/or join one of its marketing groups; you’ll find that both will be chock full of news and issues with which you can start discussions with your social media followers.

The same is true with Twitter — when you tap the search tool, you get lists of “trends for you,” live videos you might like, popular articles and more.

4) Run a Simple Instagram Contest With an Attractive Prize

Caterers might offer a free meal for their followers’ offices. A fashion boutique might slash 50-percent off tux rentals and dress purchases at prom time. A hardware store might give away a fancy barbecue grill. These all are contests that brands can offer with attractive prizes and photos or videos to grab their followers’ attention on Instagram.

And choosing a contest type can be relatively simple. Ask your followers to like your prize-giveaway to enter the drawing. Or you can ask your them to repost your post so they share it with their own following. Asking them to tag a friend or, say for a barbecue grill contest, to post their favorite tailgate photo along with a giveaway hashtag, are but two other options you can try.

You should find that trying any of these ideas will jumpstart your team’s and your social media channels’ activity. That neighboring colleague may just banter less, and you’ll be spinning in a rut no more.

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