March 21, 2011

What Consumers Want From Brands Online

Kara Williams has been a loyal Cheerios eater as long as she’s eaten solid foods — some 40 years or more. So when she saw the bright yellow logo float by on Facebook in a friend’s news stream she was compelled to post on its wall. “Wow. Cheerios has a Facebook page. I eat them […]

March 11, 2011

Search Behavior Shines Spotlight on Organic Results

Paid search ads tend to be overlooked Search has become a nearly ubiquitous online activity and Google remains the undisputed king—receiving the largest share of search ad revenue and traffic. But an eye-tracking study by user experience research firm User Centricadds a new perspective. Its research indicates that most search users overlook search ads almost entirely. […]

Digital Marketing
March 1, 2011

Social Media Is Not Killing Email

Email remains the top choice for marketing communications among all age groups The latest death knell for email was sounded by data incomScore’s “2010 U.S. Digital Year in Review” report, which noted a decline in time spent with web-based email among all US internet users under 55. Users ages 12 to 17, who have been […]

February 17, 2011

Seniors Slowly Shift to Digital

 Internet penetration rising faster than average In 2010, seniors ages 65 and older made up 13% of the US population. By 2030, when baby boomers will have aged into the cohort, the US Census Bureau predicts nearly one in five Americans will be seniors—a marketing target that should not be ignored. eMarketer estimates that as of 2011, […]

February 9, 2011

Email Acquisition via Sweepstakes: Attract the Right Subscribers Fast

According to the Email Experience Council, email marketers can expect to lose one-third of their subscribers annually due to bounces, unsubscribes, or spam complaints1.  If you don’t follow email acquisition, relevancy, and deliverability best practices, your attrition rate can be even higher.  That’s why it’s so important to combat issues that contribute to subscriber churn […]

February 3, 2011

Where Are Social Media Marketers Seeing the Most Success?

It may surprise you, but the answer isn’t Facebook More companies in the Inc. 500 are using social media as part of their business and marketing strategies, and they are seeing success and viewing social media overall as more valuable. These firms, which include the fastest-growing private companies, have been using a mix of tactics, […]

January 25, 2011

Website and Email Critical B2B Investments

Time-tested online media to see budget increases According to a survey of business-to-business (B2B) marketers, traditional online tactics remain key to marketing success. Just over half of B2B marketers surveyed told BtoB Magazine their budgets would go up this year, mostly by less than 15%. With a primary marketing goal of customer acquisition (69%), the […]

January 20, 2011

Facebook Makes a Splash in the Bathroom

January 20, 2011 By Vlad Gorenshteyn, Digital Marketing Manager, AIS Media We’ve all heard about explosive growth figures related to Facebook, social media and mobile usage. So we decided to do our own statistically randomized telephone survey. We contacted 500 Americans and asked them a rather personal question: “Do you ever use Facebook on your mobile device while […]

January 14, 2011

Social Media Strategists Look Hard at ROI this Year

Marketers must begin to seriously evaluate their programs and focus on internal education Marketers and social strategists hope to develop better ways to determine return on investment for social media outreach in 2011. ROI has always been a big issue, but as more companies plan to increase social media budgets in 2011, it has become […]

January 5, 2011

Companies will spend more than ever on social media marketing in 2011

Companies will spend more than ever on social media marketing in 2011, but some businesses are boosting budgets for entirely the wrong reasons. A new report “Social Media in the Marketing Mix: Budgeting for 2011,” demonstrates that companies are planning budget increases next year, as they move from cautious experimentation to full implementation. That sounds great, and […]

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