Google+: A Full-Court Press on Facebook

As seen with the hefty valuations of companies like LinkedIn (NYSE:LNKD), Twitter and Facebook, the social networking space is too important for Google (Nasdaq:GOOG) to be a laggard. True, the company has had several missteps, like Buzz and Wave. But its latest attempt, Google+, may have the right stuff. Keep in mind that Google has […]

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Google+ About To Hit 10 Million Users [REPORT]

Google’s social network, Google+ might be one of the fastest-growing networks ever, having already reached 10 million users according to one estimate. Paul Allen, of – not to be confused with Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen – has developed an interesting methodology to calculate the number of Google+ members. He sampled a number of surnames from […]

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Google to Businesses: Don’t Create Google+ Profiles Yet

by Ben Parr Google has revealed that it is working on a Google+ experience for businesses and is asking brands not to create Google+ profiles just yet. In a post and accompanying YouTube video on Google+, Product Manager Christian Oestlien says that the Google+ team is working on creating a unique experience for businesses that […]


Print Marketing – What We Are Seeing

Targeted print marketing campaigns work.  Leveraged shared direct mail programs are continuing to increase our client’s customer acquisitions, brand awareness and sales thru direct responses to special offers.  Additionally, our offline campaigns are driving online converstions/email sign-ups and social fan page likes and engagement.  We know the viability of online marketing  – but print marketing should not be ruled out as part of a client’s media […]

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US Online Ad Spend Poised to Grow 20% in 2011

Online ad spending is returning to pre-recession growth levels, with steady increases projected through 2015 as marketers continue to invest more in digital channels. eMarketer expects US online advertising spending to reach $31.3 billion this year, a dramatic 20.2% increase over 2010 spending. By 2015, nearly $50 billion will be spent on online ads in […]


Social Marketing’s Benefits Rival Email for Small Businesses

Cost-effectiveness and ease of use boost adoption Social media has quickly moved up the ranks of top marketing tactics among small and medium-sized business (SMBs). April 2011 research from Pitney Bowes indicates that by some measures of desirability, it’s in close competition with email. When asked why they used several marketing tactics, US SMBs were most likely […]


Google’s Eric Schmidt: ‘I Screwed Up’ on Social Networking

Google chairman Eric Schmidt took responsibility for the search titan’s failure to counter Facebook’s explosive growth, saying he saw the threat coming but failed to do much about it. Speaking at the D9 tech conference outside Los Angeles Tuesday evening, Schmidt said that for five years, he’s been aware of the competitive threat posed by […]


Facebook Success Beyond the ‘Like’

Marketers must look beyond fan count to find real success Having a branded Facebook page has become near-essential for many businesses. As such, companies should give as much thought and energy into planning and managing their Facebook page as they do a traditional website. “The rapid adoption of the ‘like’ button and the rise of […]


Young Affluents Ditch Traditional Media

Print readership still high among affluents overall Affluents’ relationship with traditional media is a bit of a mixed bag, according to February 2011 data released by The Affluence Collaborative. And among the younger members of the wealthy set, that mix may be turning more negative than positive. On the one hand, affluent internet users are still […]


Why Do Affluent Consumers Connect with Brands on Social Networks?

Motivations differ from general population Luxury marketers take note, according to a February 2011 Affluence Collaborative survey, wealthy internet users connect with brands on social networks for significantly different reasons than the general population. The social networks they use to do so are different, too. Among the general population, the main reason cited for connecting with […]