March 1, 2012

Obama, U.S. Military, and Pinterest get Facebook Timeline for Business Pages…Have You?

by Jaimie Siegle | Advertising Systems Inc.

On March 1, President Barack Obama joined other early adopters such as Ben and Jerry’s, Pinterest, and the U.S. Military in converting his profile page to the Facebook Timeline format. The change follows the Feb. 29 Facebook Marketing Conference, where the soon-to-be-public company unveiled its new advertising features for businesses.

President Obama’s Timeline, like timelines of individual Facebook users, date way back – to his first job, his college days, and his wedding day with First Lady Michelle Obama. It even includes the official Obama family chili recipe.

The concept behind such personal profiles aims to further “humanize” business pages that go beyond Likes and Dislikes.

One of the main differences between Pages and Timelines is that Facebook has said goodbye to the “Like” gate, a strategy many businesses used to offer special contests, deals, and ultimately gain more “Likes.”

However, companies can still make use of Facebook advertising and installing a “Like” box on websites, recommends AllFacebook, an unofficial Facebook blog. You can also check out AllFacebook’s suggestions on running promotions with the new platform.

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