February 20, 2012

Small Business Marketing Tips from NYC’s Social Media Week

Originally posted Feb. 17, 2012 by Megan Harris,

Lujure’s Nathan Latka Shares Numerous Social Media Tips for Businesses

CEO of Lujure Nathan Latka brought his social media expertise to dbmei’s Social Media Action Camp part of Social Media Week in NYC and offered business owners a number of tips for optimizing Facebook fan outreach. His company, Lujure, is a growing Facebook application designed to help users enhance their Facebook pages with an easy drag-and-drop interface.

Text Message Marketing

The first point Latka stressed was moving towards text message marketing. Larger markets, such as the marketing industry in India, have skipped using computers as their main communications altogether and moved right into marketing via SMS. He predicted it would take off in 2012 as a marketing tool for a number of businesses in the U.S.

He demonstrated text message marketing through asking the audience to take out their phones and text LUJURE to a number. They received a message back indicating they followed his Facebook page. Latka suggested putting up a slide at business presentations or a sign in your store to encourage customers to follow the company Facebook page.

Using text message marketing for businesses also enables page updates to be sent to phones, which can increase traffic, engagement and, of course, help with the bottom line for whatever products or services a business hopes to distribute.

A website Latka suggests using for text message marketing is, which boasts a 97% open rate for its users. Utilizing text message marketing will help spread the message of your brick-and-mortar business to others in your area and grow your Facebook fan base.

Public Post Searches

Utilizing public post searches may also help businesses close sales and create an emotional connection with potential business. Latka argued that Facebook’s search is even more powerful than Google’s in terms of reaching your target clients. Here are the steps to use public search via Facebook.

1. Type a key phrase in your Facebook search bar and use quotes around it. In his example, you might use the phrase “broken toilet” if you run a plumbing business or “moving to New York” if you are a realtor in New York.

2. Next, Click the magnifying glass icon located to the right of the search bar.

3. Third, click the “public post” option to the left of the results. This will generate the results posted from accounts that have enabled public access to their status updates.

When using public post searches, it is wise to start communicating with the prospective client based on a common interest you share. This is a creative loophole that does not violate the terms of use with Facebook that can lead to traffic on your site.

In the example of the real estate agent, for instance, a realtor might contact someone that posted about moving to New York based on a common book they read. Latka suggested trying to find a genuine shared interest and not try to fake it just to bring in new business; he advocated “speaking their language” to find a connection. After the conversation has begun, then it is wise to direct them to the Facebook page and move the organic relationship from friend to client.

One of the few downfalls of using the public posts site is it does not allow you to narrow down your search based on demographics. However, trying different searches might help you find what best works for your business.

Email Capture

Latka also suggested using email capture on your Facebook landing page. One of the ways he suggests doing this is through the Facebook registration application. This enables an auto-fill for users who have their phone number on Facebook.

With the use of the application, the user’s name and email address are already enabled, and all they have to do is click one button to submit their information. Email capture can help you send important information via newsletters or quick email announcements. As a powerful marketing tool, email still plays a vital role in business communications.

Facebook Page Timeline Changes

One major concern raised during Latka’s presentation was the fact that starting February 29, 2012, Facebook will beta test the Timeline for Facebook Pages. This raises concerns for business owners who are accustomed to using Tabs on the page. Latka does not see this as an issue, as he knows that Facebook utilizes ads from small businesses as a core component of its revenues. Therefore, it is likely the ability to engage with fans on pages will look different, but the core function will stay the same.

Latka’s suggestions are easy to use for business owners in a number of industries. These methods are easy to adapt and provide a creative way to engage with current clients while gaining new ones. Email capture and the growth of text message marketing can help businesses expand their reach and find a renewed fan base via Facebook’s public posts. It is likely these methods will help a number of people with searches and optimized marketing to grow their business no matter from what industry they hail.

Here is the LiveStream from his Presentation:

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