July 30, 2018

Target Your Market With These 3 ‘P’s in Mind

by Jay Bemis | Advertising Systems Inc.

Reasons that small businesses outsource their marketing services are numerous, but a newer study by NewBase, a marketing and advertising consultancy, identifies which services tend to get outsourced the most.

The most outsourced service, according to the study, is programmatic ad buying — or the use of software to identify and target where a company should buy digital ads. Forty-three percent of the 100-plus chief marketing officers (CMOs) who were polled by NewBase listed programmatic ads as the chief service that they like to hand off to marketing consultants, rather than perform that service in-house.

Programmatic ads were followed by advertising buys in general at 36 percent of services that get outsourced, the report said, with ad operations, research and insight, and creative and design services all registering at 28 percent of the services for which CMOs seek outside expertise.

In commenting on the report, eMarketer, a marketing research firm, noted that technology, with its ability to target the right customers, is at the top of small businesses’ outsourcing needs, but the firm added that companies and marketing consultants must work together to make any digital transformation possible.

“Although technology is a means to an end in digital transformation, front and center are organizational and functional issues that marketing teams must tackle so transformative vision can thrive,” eMarketer said. To make such a transformation prosper, eMarketer says, companies and the marketing leaders to whom they outsource should focus on these three Ps:

—People:“Modern marketing departments are evolving their organizational structure as new teams and roles are created, and other functions vanish,” eMarketer says. “Professional development, training and culture are also elements of a solid people strategy.”

—Processes:“Modern marketing departments must work cross-functionally to instill change, collaboration and experimentation. Some teams are adopting agile processes to knock down crippling organizational silos and allow for nimbler workflows.”

—Partners:“Modern marketing departments are evolving how they collaborate with a growingly complex third-party partner landscape. Many agencies and consultancies work with marketing teams to guide their people and process transformation, while other companies are abandoning their partners and focusing on skilling up in-house.”

Are you ready for a marketing partner who can ease your digital transformation, via the three Ps and other expert guidance?

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