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E-commerce Keeps Clicking in Mobile’s Direction

By Jay Bemis | Advertising Systems Inc. When Motorola introduced the first cellular phone in 1983, the DynaTAC 8000X, the product would affectionately become known more as “The Brick” because it was about the same size as that piece of hardened clay and hit the scales at nearly 2 pounds. It also cost nearly $4,000 […]


Tailor Your Marketing to This Year-Round Retail Calendar

By Jay Bemis | Advertising Systems Inc. Small business marketers are keen to local events and trends that can help shape ad campaigns for their customers in various retail sectors. But it’s also important that marketers know what national events and trends might influence their customers’ marketing strategies throughout the year. Right now, for example, […]


Measuring ROI: How Much Is Your Marketing Worth?

Let’s talk about money. Specifically, what your marketing costs — and what you get in exchange. Some people talk about marketing “spend”; others talk about marketing “investment.” You’ll probably agree that those who see it as spend are more likely to make it one of the first things they cut down on when times are hard. Those […]

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Why Some “Best Practices” Aren’t Really “Best” for Your Business

Google defines best practices as being, ‘commercial or professional procedures that are accepted or prescribed as being correct or most effective’. In the world of social media and content marketing, we spend a fair deal of time talking about best practices. We write blog posts about best practices to help others, and we updated our social streams with […]

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Foursquare Rolls Out Promoted Listings Internationally

by John McDermott, AdAge Foursquare is opening its promoted listings ads to all small businesses around the world. The promoted listings show up in the app’s Explore function, which consumers use to discover nearby restaurants, bars, parks or other attractions. If a Foursquare user searches for “burgers,” for instance, then a nearby burger shop can […]

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eMarketer: The Most Effective Facebook Ads for Your Money

Facebook has moved quickly to generate revenue through a variety of advertising opportunities intended to leverage the company’s huge audience and stockpile of audience data. Now marketers are beginning to evaluate how the options stack up against each other. Social advertising application Salesforce Social.com, an extension of the Salesforce Marketing Cloud service, looked at more […]

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