August 26, 2011

Google Uses Direct Mail to Help Drive Internet Marketing

Based on newly released statistics from InternetWorldStats there are currently 2,095,006,005 people in the world who are considered internet users and according to Experian 67% of those users perform their searches through Google. One would imagine that with 1,403,654,023 people using Google they would not need direct mail to help advertise their services, but that person would be wrong. In this article AccurateLeads will tells why many massively profitable companies who have tremendous amounts of internet traffic use physical mail to grow audiences and drive internet marketing.

Mailing lists are continually used by companies because of the results that ensue. One of the most prominent reasons success follows is that there is the ability to reach and intrigue a different audience than virtual marketing does. People are reached, who are less internet savvy that take to a more personal and individual form of marketing. Once a mail piece has put a shoe in the door the consumer is driven to the website with a QR code or enticing call to action at which point internet advertising takes over.

Internet marketing is so exhausted that it causes businesses to drown out each other with competition. One audience is more receptive to e-mail and PPC while there is a whole different group that responds to physical mail that can be held in their hands. One example of this is Google using direct mail and email blasts to advertise $100 worth of free PPC advertising. They know that by taking this approach people of all buying behaviors will be reached. Internet advertisements constantly overwhelm consumers with offers for free merchandise and services. With computer viruses, identity thieves, and incredible amounts of spam it is apparent why at this point in time people are less skeptical of physical mail offers.

Social Media is another internet marketing avenue that direct mail helps drive. B2C companies are learning fast that social media helps them establish and grow branding, increase consumer trust, bring attention to products, improve customer service, and provide a multitude of other benefits. Business owners run into issues getting those potential /current customers to like a Facebook page, follow a LinkedIn/Twitter account, or subscribe to a blog feed. Many consumers look to these social media venues purely as a means of their basic function and that is human interaction rather than ecommerce. As a result a substantial offer must be provided to motivate the buyers into joining social media pages.

Having a great call to action on a social media page is a step in the right direction but without traffic to the page where the offer is displayed there is no audience to appeal to. Word of mouth takes a great deal of time and a stagnant period waiting for social media pages to take off can end up bleeding resources. Contacting a List Broker, composing a quality mailing list, and sending out a mail piece with an offer has been show to drive great results. Let the mail piece display how they can benefit from engaging in your social media and real time flow of information. Using outbound marketing to help generate inbound marketing efforts helps companies resonate and build a presence in the buyers mind.

The fastest growing group of social media friends is baby boomers with an estimated 16.5 million (Press Events, 2010) currently sharing and engaging. They are growing faster than any group including gen X, gen Y, and all other age based segments. This is also one of the groups that are the least receptive to email blasting and other virtual advertisements. Businesses can use consumer mailing lists and other channels that are less intrusive as a means to reach target markets like baby boomers and other groups who are tired of constant virtual advertisements, pop-ups, and spam.

It is common knowledge that integrated marketing efforts show the best return because of the resonance and reach that develops when using multiple channels. Direct mail campaigns drive traffic to sites and social media at which point internet marketing efforts play their various roles. All the while sales reps work the phones to telemarket and send out email blasts with information to further persuade possible clients. A synergy among all these channels is what ends up beating out competition and creating branding for a company. Neglecting direct mail is simply missing out on a large portion of potential clients who may otherwise not be reached.

-AccurateLeads via PRWEB

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