August 23, 2011

American Express Offers Businesses Points for Buying Online Ads

Small businesses will now get American Express points for buying online advertising, thanks to a new offer from the company’s small business arm.

American Express OPEN announced Monday a new Business Gold Rewards Card, which gives double points for all spending on marketing — online and off. The points are good for a range of products and services, including retail purchases, access to dining and entertainment events, travel and gift cards. A program introduced in June also lets users cash in those points for Facebook ads.

Card owners get two points for every dollar they spend on advertising. Each $6,750 spent is good for $50 of Facebook advertising, for instance. The benefit for using the card to buy airfare is even better — three points for every dollar spent.

The program is designed to make small business owners aware of other OPEN services like an online reputation management tool, an ad creation management program and a search advertising solution.

-Todd Wasserman,

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