April 30, 2020

Turn Your Existing Content Into Effective Video

By Jay Bemis | Advertising Systems Inc. 

Assuring your customers that you’re here for them in pandemic times is brand messaging that we addressed in this space last month. Such “we’re here for you” messaging was dominant with advertisers as COVID-19 began to sweep across the United States, and it still is what your customers want to hear.

Brands now are advancing to another form of messaging, though — one that says “hey, we’re providing solutions for you.”

Walgreens is one brand getting that solutions sort of messaging across. And, it did so by using an existing email campaign creative and converting that content into a video-marketing campaign.

The resulting, animated Walgreens video tells customers how they can consult with a physician online if they’re feeling sick and how they can use the brand’s online “pharmacy chat” feature to seek medications for symptoms.

The video also promotes Walgreens’ free delivery of prescriptions to customers’ homes, its online shopping service (with free shipping, of course) and its drive-through bays, where customers can not only pick up their prescriptions but procure other health, cleaning and grocery items.

Additionally, Walgreens has turned its “Ask a Pharmacist” series into short, informative videos about COVID-19, and it was among the first of major store brands that have instituted drive-thru testing for first responders and others.

In a recent interview with a Las Vegas TV station, physician Kevin Ban, who is Walgreens’ chief medical officer, noted that “Walgreens is across the entire country” with its 9,200-plus locations.

“We are the glue in every community to the health-care system,” Ban says. “There are a bunch of different parts to the health-care system, and we’ve put them together in a cohesive hole so that we’re able to communicate very important messages out across communities.”

Walgreens’ conversion of the email campaign into the COVID-19 video campaign is a prime example of how you can enhance your digital, social and traditional media strategies with the addition of video marketing.

Plains State Bank knows this well from a prior ad campaign — a drive that would capture Telly Award honors.

Working with Advertising Systems Inc. (ASI) of Houston, the Texas bank produced a 30-second commercial spot in 2D animation. Also gleaned from the commercial was a 15-second version that remains a part of Plains State’s digital display ad marketing strategy.

Not only did ASI and the bank earn the Telly Award recognition — the bank enjoyed a 500-percent lift in its business banking activities, which were the focus of the campaign (see the commercial spot on the 3rd slide of their business banking page).

You, too, can enhance your digital, social and traditional media strategies with the addition of video marketing, via ASI. We work closely with you to enhance your branding through promotional, corporate messaging, or instructional videos or television commercials that will capture and keep your audience’s attention.

Our range of video-marketing services include story development, script writing, production management, animation, motion graphics, narration/spokesperson, sound design and editing, as well as negotiated cable-network and digital streaming commercial buys.

See our full range of video-marketing services here.

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