July 3, 2013

Mobile Marketing Success in 3 Easy Steps

by Jaimie Siegle | Advertising Systems Inc.

Statistics about the mobile market – its strategies, ads, and customers  – are still on the rise, a sign that e-commerce and online activity via portable electronic devices are not going away anytime soon. But if everyone seems to be adding more marketing dollars to his mobile ad budget, how is one supposed to get a leg up on the competition? “Instead of holding mobile performance to the same standards as desktop and tablets, you should adopt an altered and more realistic set of KPIs,” explains James Tipton from Search Engine WatchIn his article, Tipton provides three tips to winning the mobile marketing game:

1. “Relax your ROI goals.” Basically, don’t treat your mobile benchmarks like your desktop benchmarks. By setting achievable goals, you’ll be able to tackle mobile one piece at a time – and gather research about your mobile customer base along the way.

2. “Analyze engagement metrics.” Tipton recommends spending just as much “time and resources” finding out when, where and how long people are visiting your pages via mobile as you do with desktop. In addition, save some of that marketing budget for mobile branding efforts, as research shows more people prefer to browse and “window shop” on their iPads and iPhones but make final purchases on a PC.

3. “Think about how you use your own [mobile] devices.” How do you get sucked into buying or researching something on your smartphone or tablet? When are you most likely to make a purchase, and what triggers you? Whether it’s a push notification from an app, an email announcing a sale or a display ad from a website, there are multiple avenues to reach the mobile market; chances are, what works on you will work for a segment of your potential customers, too.

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