October 6, 2011

Social Media Marketing or Media Mix?

I recently read a blog post that was screaming “if you’re not All In with social media marketing – you’re dead”… Really? Although I agree that social media marketing is very important for SMBs, the overall article was not in touch. As marketers, we may have directional preferences for a particular client, but to bash traditional media (TV, Radio, Print-Direct Mail, etc.) only reflects a lack of understanding of how and when to use these mediums.

If you really think about it, driving real business growth for a client is easier today – because we have so many more marketing options available to us. Delivering an integrated marketing strategy across multiple channels is never an easy task, but it’s really cool when you make it payoff for your client.

Recently one of our automotive services clients reported that they are achieving a 70 to 100 car count increase per month per location – directly attributing this to the integrated marketing strategy that was developed and implemented by our agency. This car count increase/business growth over prior year is pretty huge, especially when considering current economic factors and the competitive landscape of automotive services in their local markets.

Oh, did I mention that the direct mail marketing component (traditional media) has been this client’s biggest pull? Just imagine if we would have left that out of their media mix and placed “All In” focus on social media marketing as the blog was suggesting. It never has been about any one medium – it has however, always been about solid marketing strategies.

Services Employed:

Custom Website Development; Social Media Engagement Package (w/8 Apps); Email Marketing (Acquisition and Loyalty);

Direct Mail Marketing w/Online Integration (QR Code); In-Store Marketing to promote eClub and Facebook special offers.


Increased brand awareness, customer acquisitions, customer loyalty, revenue, and marketing ROI… Business Growth!

(Roger Siegle | Advertising Systems Inc.)

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