August 2, 2013

How SMBs Use Social Media – and Where There’s Room for Improvement [Infographic]

by Jaimie Siegle

A recent infographic by MarkMeSuite and Placester offers helpful tips and statistics for world of social media and marketing for small businesses, and touches more than once on the notion of customer acquisition through social media. According to the infographic, 71% of social media users are more likely to purchase from a business they are connected with, and about half of consumers have purchased something after reading or receiving recommendations from an online community. [Scroll down for the link to the infographic]

The visual report also includes data from a Wall Street Journal survey that asked respondents A) which social networks small businesses use regularly, and B) which social networks had the most potential to help small businesses. Not surprisingly, 30 percent of SMBs said they spent most of their social media minutes on LinkedIn. Similarly, 41 percent rated the professional social networking site as having the most potential to help small businesses. Pinterest scored the lowest on both survey questions; one unexpected finding, however, is that Twitter fared somewhat poorly as well. Less than half the amount of LinkedIn users logged on regularly to Twitter, and only 2 percent of SMBs had faith in the social website’s potential to help grow small businesses.

Interestingly, the graphic included one area of social media where some small businesses are lacking: customer support.  MarkeMeSuite and Placester report that roughly 56 percent of customers’ tweets go unseen, and only 42 percent of businesses are using social media for customer feedback.

View the infographic here.

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