November 1, 2010

Printers Can Demonstrate ROI to Clients Using Interactive Marketing

Today, more than ever, consumers are more sophisticated in the way they shop and research products and services. According to research firm BiaKelsey, the average consumer looks at 7.9 different sources for product information—including traditional and interactive—before making their final purchase decision. Therefore, cross-channel marketing campaigns that incorporate print, direct mail, Web sites, social media and e-mail generally outperform single channel campaigns.

Integrating interactive marketing elements, such as quick response (QR) codes and personalized URLs (PURLs) into print and direct mail campaigns adds an increased layer of measurability and ultimately delivers higher value to printers’ customers. For example, adding a QR code into a direct mail piece, allows recipients with a QR-capable mobile phone to scan and be directed to a company’s Facebook or Twitter page where they can interact with other consumers and engage with the advertiser—ultimately resulting in higher response rates, leads, and sales. Or, a magazine advertisement can incorporate a PURL that links to a custom-developed landing page or micro-site which provides details about the offer. QR codes, PURLs, landing pages, and social media tie-ins are just a few examples of interactive components that can be used in conjunction with traditional print to deliver powerful multi-channel marketing results.

Since higher response rates lead to increased marketing ROI for printers’ customers, partnering with interactive agencies provides printers the opportunity to increase their service offerings, competencies and add value to their direct customers.

Want to test drive QR Code technology, download a free app on your smart phone (Blackberry, iPhone, Android) and scan below:

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