January 20, 2011

Facebook Makes a Splash in the Bathroom

January 20, 2011

By Vlad Gorenshteyn, Digital Marketing Manager, AIS Media

We’ve all heard about explosive growth figures related to Facebook, social media and mobile usage. So we decided to do our own statistically randomized telephone survey. We contacted 500 Americans and asked them a rather personal question: “Do you ever use Facebook on your mobile device while you’re in the bathroom?”

Our survey results reveal that Facebook has become so prolific, that nearly 1/3 of people (27 percent to be precise) can’t resist the urge, responding “yes”!

Among those that answered “yes”, our survey found that Facebook usage on mobile devices in the bathroom was higher among women with 54.4% of female respondents admitting to doing it compared to only 45.6% of male respondents. Usage in the bathroom was greatest among the 30-49 age category.

To learn more about the “2011 ‘In The Bathroom’ Facebook Usage Survey” visit the survey results page.

To gain deeper insight about the implications of these survey results, we decided to reach out to Dr. Edward E. Rigdon, Professor of Marketing in the J. Mack Robinson College of Business at Georgia State University. Dr. Rigdon said, “We know that Facebook penetration in the US is above 43 percent. I imagine most people carry their phone with them, in pocket or purse. People receive emails on their phone alerting them to Facebook messages or postings, and many people respond by reflex.  This study illustrates one of (what I consider to be) the four main ways in which marketing is changing–it is becoming more ubiquitous. Marketing is everywhere, and anything can be marketing.”

So why should B2C’s rejoice?

Facebook: A Silver Bullet for Advertising for B2C’s?

In it’s short existence, Facebook has emerged as a powerful marketing channel with a critical mass of audience–whether stationary or ‘on the go’–and reaches across all demographics.

Unlike television however, which still commands the majority of consumers’ attention, Facebook offers businesses and brands the opportunity to precisely target very specific consumer demographics and psychographics; a level of precision not available with any other advertising channel, including Internet display ads.

Conversely, Facebook offers businesses and brands with mass-market appeal, an opportunity to promote to a highly targeted audience that has demonstrated a high degree of receptiveness in sharing content with peers. Whether offering a cool/entertaining new product, specific monetary incentive, or a tool that has utility, the “viral” nature of social media only serves to amplify campaign efforts across this channel.

Facebook Strategy: No Longer ‘Optional’

Will Facebook become the exclusive channel for B2C advertisers? Probably not (remember AOL?). However, Facebook must be considered by any B2C marketer today.

As marketers assess their company’s 2011 Facebook initiatives, they should approach their plan with this quote in mind: “Creative without strategy is called ‘art.’ Creative with strategy is called ‘advertising.’” (Jef I. Richards, U.S. Professor of Advertising.)

What’s your goal with your social media strategy?

  • Increase brand awareness and reach
  • Improve customer loyalty
  • Drive sales
  • Enhance brand reputation
  • Foster consumer-advocacy
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