June 13, 2012

Deciding How to Market to Your Online Audience(s)

by Jaimie Siegle | Advertising Systems Inc.

With more media companies and publications switching to digital platforms, and more individuals using social media (such as Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest), marketers and small businesses must tweak their approaches to reach their advertising goals. But no two companies are alike, and neither are their online audiences.
To figure out how to distribute your digital marketing dollars, do a little research to find where your customers are – their ages, locations, activities, income, etc. Then divide the customers into groups, or segments. How, on average, does each audience segment use the Internet? Which social networks do they frequent? Do they visit websites via home computers, tablets, or smartphones?
Make a list of the social networks and websites your target customers use the most. If possible, track a few subjects and keywords that are being talked about. This way, it’s easier for your brand to contribute to the conversation. After doing a bit of digging to find your market research, decide which audiences to tackle through mobile or digital tactics.
Stay tuned to find out more about social media and mobile marketing.
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