October 30, 2012

Zappos’ Core Values, and Why Your Business Should Adopt Some (if not all) of Them

Zappos company culture

by Jaimie Siegle | Advertising Systems, Inc.

In the world of business, Zappos is like the kid in class who never seemed to miss a beat: Straight A’s, perfect attendance, good behavior. Sure, Zappos isn’t perfect, but it’s done a lot of things right – from the impeccable customer service to the unfaltering employee-centric atmosphere to the company’s humble, entrepreneurial beginning. One of the retail website’s secrets to success? Its 10 core values that inform every aspect of business – from customer service to company culture. Here are a few of these values, along with reasons why your business should follow suit:

1. Deliver WOW Through Service. According to the Zappos website, this rule reminds the company to WOW its “customers, co-workers, vendors, partners, and in the long run, investors.” Do this by being innovative, reliable, consistent and unique. Basically, be an overachiever in all service-oriented matters, like the aforementioned Zappos straight-A student.

2. Build Open and Honest Relationships with Communication. When your goals and company beliefs are transparent, your company becomes more authentic. Use social media to show photos of employees during the workday, and use newsletters to highlight what’s going on in your business.

3. Embrace and Drive Change. Change can be uncomfortable. But that doesn’t mean you should wait for change to happen and then play catch-up. Be aware of industry trends, and be prepared for what (or who) will present  competition or challenges along the way.

4. Be Passionate and Determined. Any successful entrepreneur knows this one. “Passion and determination are contagious,” according to Zappos, so hire motivated people who are willing to work hard and “think outside the box” to find a solution.

5. Pursue Growth and Learning. Whether you’re reading up on the latest social analytics tools, signing up for a free webinar or researching unexplored business territory, never stop improving – and help your team do the same. When employees quit their jobs, it’s often because they’re bored or not learning anything. Keep them motivated and educated, as it will not only improve morale and productivity, but it will make your company’s assets stronger in the process.

Does your business adhere to a mission statement or its own set of values? How do you implement them into your work routine?

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