April 10, 2013

The Slow Success of Twitter’s Vine App, and How Businesses Can Use It

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by Jaimie Siegle

When Twitter-backed app Vine launched a few months ago, it seemed like only the early adopters of the social media world were using it. But just this week, Vine took the No. 1 spot in iTunes for free apps, AppleInsider reported yesterday – meaning the video-sharing network isn’t going anywhere soon.

For those who are unfamiliar with the Vine, think of it like Instagram, but with six-second video clips (with sound) that loop continuously. “Filming” consists of placing one’s finger on the screen, then releasing it to stop rolling. This innovative interaction allows users to get creative with their videos, from magic tricks to “how-to” tutorials to professional resumes. For businesses and brands, such as Rolling Stone magazine and Peanut Butter & Co., Vine is a way to gain new clients and sell more products. According to, Peanut Butter & Co. posted a Vine video of a delicious PB&J sandwich being made and then munched on, with a link to a coupon underneath (click here to see the video). The video spread quickly, generating more than 300,000 impressions and 6,000 downloaded coupons. And because Peanut Butter & Co. is a smaller company, it seems that Vine may be a way for small businesses to generate revenue with free social media platforms.

Like Instagram, Vine has a playful, genuine vibe; it’s fun, easy to use and it syncs beautifully with Twitter. The app also added a section for trending hash tags, allowing users to more efficiently find their interests and the videos most people are talking about. Recently, videos from NCAA basketball fans have been popular. Take these, for example, from fans at the University of Michigan. Unlike a photo or a 140-character phrase, Vine video loops convey the energy of a moment, and capture six seconds in time forever. Although businesses are slow to adopt the app, many industry experts say it’s only a matter of time until Vine blows up (remember how big Pinterest became?).

Download the app, play around with the features, and let us know what you think. How could your business benefit from Vine?

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