August 29, 2011

Print Marketing: Results, Delivered

Through strategic partnerships, Advertising Systems Inc. (ASI) offers industry leading consumer focused shared mail programs that are highly effective for increasing brand awareness, customer acquisitions and customer loyalty.  These print marketing programs offer strong national to local reach, geo-demographic targeting capabilities and mailing frequency options – and with integrated interactive and social media marketing components, you can significantly multiply the conversion rate and ROI of your promotional campaigns.  ASI has over 20 years of direct response marketing experience, professional turnkey services and pre-negotiated volume-based program rates that allow you to “deliver the right message to the right consumers” cost-efficiently.

Featured strategic partner – Valassis Direct Mail, Inc. (RedPlum™ Shared Mail) serves 15,000 national, regional and local retailers and reaches 114 million households, more than 90% of the nation’s homes, with its shared mail advertising. The company’s industry-leading targeting technology, coupled with its unparalleled logistics capabilities, enable retailers seeking superior return on investment to target, version and deliver their print advertising directly to consumers most likely to respond. The company’s “Have You Seen Me? ® ” missing child program presented in partnership with the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children (NCMEC) and the U. S. Postal Service, is the most successful private-sector program of its kind.

Target consumers most likely to respond.
We can help you identify your highest-value customers, then diversify and broaden your existing customer base by locating consumers who fit your key customer profiles. Our extensive research capabilities and wealth of demographic data allow us to target consumers by factors as varied as age, ethnicity, purchasing power, population density, shopping patterns, and even brand loyalty.

Deliver the most relevant advertising into your customers’ hands.
Once we help define and locate your key customer segments, we can version your advertising to consumers at a ZIP Code or sub-ZIP Code neighborhood level.

Realize the highest possible return on your advertising investment.
We offer multiple geographic targeting levels to optimize efficiency and minimize waste:

● National

● Market (Retail Trade Zones)

● Zip Code

● Sub ZIP Code

● Carrier Route

● Household

Put our consumer knowledge to work for you.

Understanding who your ideal customers are, what drives their shopping behavior, when they are most likely to purchase, and where they are located is crucial in building a successful marketing plan. We can partner with you to:

● Increase the impact of your advertising dollar by helping you clearly identify your customers

● Determine the most effective way to reach your best customers and prospects

● Understand what will motivate your customers to respond and purchase your product or service

Targeting Variables
Identify and understand your customers. Define your core audience. Tailor and refine your message to reach specific consumer groups. We can help you do it all. Our wealth of demographic and behavioral data gives you the ability to strengthen and fine tune your advertising plan – and ultimately drive increased response and sales.

Targeting Zones
Whether your goal is to reach 3500 or 3 million households, our unique sub-ZIP Code (neighborhood level) targeting capabilities allow you to pinpoint highly concentrated pockets of your best customers and ideal prospects in order to achieve a maximum return on your investment.

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For more information about ASI’s shared-mail marketing programs or our full suite of digital-interactive and social media marketing programs, please contact us.

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