April 27, 2023

Marketers No Strangers to This Thing Called AI

By Jay Bemis | Advertising Systems Inc.
Long before ChatGPT and other artificial intelligence tools began dominating 2023’s headlines, marketers already were on it, one might say — with content marketing utmost in mind.

By the end of last year, nearly six in 10 marketers worldwide, or 58.9%, were already using AI content tools to optimize their existing content, according to a survey from marketing agency Aira.

But nearly the same number of marketers also were using AI tools to create copy in their content marketing, the survey said.  That includes long-form copy, such as blog posts (57.1% of those surveyed), and short-form copy, such as social media posts and product descriptions (55.4%), the study found.

Marketers also told Aira in the survey that they already were using AI tools to brainstorm topics (48.2%), generate headlines for their content (46.4%), conduct keyword research (44.6%) and create briefs for “human” writers (26.8%).

4 Ways to Use AI Tools to Enhance Content

Upon their review of the Aira study, the experts at eMarketer/Insider Intelligence recently summarized four “noteworthy ways” that ChatGPT and other generative AI tools might be used to enhance content. Tools to use, the experts said, might include such names as Anyword, Jasper,, Frase and Quillbot.

Their four noteworthy ways to enhance content are:

  • To repurpose content. “AI can take an original piece of content and create related content,” eMarketer said. “For example, it can turn a keynote speech into a blog or a customer video into a written case study, saving marketers time.”
  • To personalize content. “AI tools can track buyer and customer behavior, segment audiences, and help distribute personalized content in targeted locations, at specific times, and in different languages.”
  • To create high-ranking content. “AI tools can research and generate millions of keywords to include in competitive and relevant content to help it rank high in search. AI can also track the rankings and continually identify new keyword opportunities.”
  • To test content. “Marketers can automate A/B and multivariable testing to help create better or higher-converting content. For instance, AI tools can help test thousands of subject lines, images, or website copy variations to determine which perform the best.”

Beyond Content: Using Chat for Customer Service

Beyond content marketing, other ways that marketers can put AI tools to good use — and ChatGPT, specifically — include the area of customer service.

As a type of natural language generation (NLG) technology, ChatGPT uses deep learning to produce coherent and fluent text based on a given input, such as a customer’s question. Thus, it can respond to user queries and messages in a conversational manner, creating a personalized and interactive experience for a company’s customers.

Marketers are using ChatGPT to create interactive chatbots or voice assistants that can answer customer service questions, provide product recommendations, collect feedback or offer support.

ChatGPT also can use its AI abilities to create personalized messages or offers based on customer behavior or preferences.

For marketers, all of these ChatGPT pluses should lead to what their company wants: Improved customer satisfaction and loyalty, as well as increased conversions and retention rates.

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