May 17, 2013

Google Glass: Digital Platform for the Future or “Ultimate Tool for Nerds”?

by Jaimie Siegle | Advertising Systems, Inc.

When I initially checked out Google Glass online, I was immediately gripped by three things: The sleek YouTube marketing video, which features a diverse group of individuals participating in visually stimulating activities like riding roller coasters, fencing and skydiving; the potential of Google Glass to become a real competitor in the smartphone/tablet market; and finally, the likeliness of the product by masses of people in the public.

Google Glass could be amazing and become just as iconic as the iPhone. But judging by the appearance of the glasses, my first thought is no, especially when paired with the device’s price tag of $1,500 – not including any supplementary fees from app purchases and data usage. And while some people have already begun using the device in public, recent behavior from Google CEO Larry Page during a developer’s conference demonstrated the company’s desire to “downplay” Glass until it garners a larger, more loyal following, a New York Times blog reported.

Despite some of the device’s issues – such as lawsuits that arise from recording a person without his permission – the market for Google Glass has huge potential. According to Forbes, “it’s still an impressive start to what will no doubt be a multi-billion dollar wearable computing market. In fact, there are an infinite number of potential Glass apps, and after some iterations, I believe the core concept will have adoption similar to that of smart mobile devices — changing lives and business along the way.”

Do you think Google’s new product will catch on to the masses, or become a punchline to a never-ending list of jokes?

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