December 15, 2021

Food Holidays: A Social Media Marketing Bonanza

By Jay Bemis | Advertising Systems Inc.
Social media marketers who cater to the food-and-beverage industry seem to just wanna have fun — thanks to the plethora of national food holidays that are commemorated almost daily across the F&B landscape.

Picture these marketers or yourself working at the computer on Dec. 30, for instance, when we learn that this so happens to be National Bacon Day. As our mouths begin to water incessantly, we think it’s time to head to that favorite local breakfast spot for lunch.

But better yet, if you’re also a marketer who so happens to oversee F&B clients’ social media efforts, you have an instant campaign that’s worth at least a few days of late-December promotion across a local restaurant’s social media channels.

Mouths watering for bacon, after all, can sell a fair chunk of pork.

“A holiday can be a strategic way to attract new diners and keep regulars engaged” is the way that US Foods, a major national food distributor, advises its F&B flock about social media efforts for national food days.

“With the help of social media to get the word out, such celebrations can increase traffic and boost sales by tailoring drinks and menu items around them. Just remember to align all efforts with your brand.”

What National Food Holidays Are in Store?

Soon, we will have gorged on turkey and/or ham and all of the fixings for two consecutive months and be ready to move on to other gourmet delights, which perhaps makes National Bacon Day on Dec. 30 even more appealing.

Come January, the days of comfort roll onward as 2022 unfolds, beginning immediately with National Bloody Mary Day (also known as National Hangover Day) and National Black-Eyed Pea Day, both occurring on New Year’s Day. Perhaps the black-eyed peas, blended with a tomato-based, vodka-infused toast, will bring you many days of good luck the rest of the year?

National Spaghetti Day will make you and your social media circles want to head to your favorite Italian ristorante on Jan. 4, to be followed by trips to the local bakery on Jan. 12 and 15 for National Glazed Doughnut Day and National Bagel Day, respectively.

National Cheese Lovers Day is Jan. 20, so convince those followers to go to the grocery store to grab a wedge of their favorite fromage from the deli — and maybe a few bags of Cheetos from the main shelves while there.

And, on Jan. 31, it may well be bitterly cold where you and your F&B following live, so what an excellent time to head to a local coffee shop with a crackling fireplace to enjoy a large cup of chocolate-ly goodness for National Hot Chocolate Day.

Where to Find Those National Holiday Dates

We could go on and on with February’s national food holidays, which include such delights as Homemade Soup Day, Pizza Day, Cherry Pie Day and (salud!) Margarita Day, but you get our January gist.

If you just wanna have fun with social media marketing for your local F&B following, head to food sites Foodimentary and National Day Calendar to learn those February days we’ve mentioned, as well as a whole year’s worth more.

And please pardon us: It’s Dec. 15, and we’re trying to figure out where to find ourselves a lemon cupcake around here.

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