March 29, 2012

3 Ways to Get Your Timeline in Tip Top Shape

by Jaimie Siegle | Advertising Systems, Inc.

Today, all Facebook business pages have switched to the Timeline format.

Although more than eight million brands have already made the upgrade, according to the Globe and Mail. Facebook’s new layout features a cover photo and an actual “timeline” for users to quickly see the history and identity of the business. Many major brands such as Nike and The Hunger Games are using Timeline to express their identity and make online interaction more personal. The people over at Food Network even put together a guide to navigate users throughout the changes.

A new study by Simply Measured showed that brands received 46% more engagement per post through the Timeline interface, 65% more engagement with digital content, and a 14% increase in overall fan engagement. The study included a wide variety of companies and industries, from Ben & Jerry’s to the Humane Society to Red Bull.

If you haven’t gussied up your business’s Timeline page yet, have no fear: We’ve got a few tips on taking advantage of the new features.

  1. Use your cover photo wisely. From rich photos to new products, the main Timeline image is more than just a way to showcase your logo. Use it to make an impact on fans.
  2. Focus on interactive content. Now more than ever, it’s important to grab the attention of readers with creative videos and graphics. According to the SimplyMeasured study, photos and videos tend to drive engagement. This multimedia content is also beneficial for companies using Pinterest to promote their product(s).
  3. Get up close & personal. Use the Timeline to describe your company’s history or show off its accomplishments and milestones. Ask for feedback about the new layout. Upload pictures of office or group events, like a 5K or a launch party. The bottom line is, Facebook is all about connecting – whether it’s a personal page or a business page. Show fans what makes your company innovative and unique, and they will reward you with not just Likes, but also loyalty.
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