January 27, 2012

Wealthwiser Blog: Local Search Marketing for Small Businesses in 5 Steps

A landing page, a mobile website, and search engine optimization are among Wealthwiser’s essentials to digital marketing for small businesses.

Local search marketing can make your small business become visible to searchers who are looking for what your business has to offer. In this article I am going to explain how you can set up a local marketing web that allows your company to become very visible to the searchers seeking you out.

The challenge for small business owners who desire to use local search marketing is that they really don’t know where to start or how they should proceed with marketing their business locally through online resources.

One of the problems that comes to the surface is that there are so many different local directories – it can be very time consuming to register and do the work. On the flip side of this equation you have the ability to expose, brand and reach your target audience if you implement this strategy properly.

Here are the Five steps you should take if you desire to market your small business through local online resources:

Step One is to research and find out where your business and competitors come up in the listings. What kind of information are they providing to the searcher. By doing this critical research you will able to evaluate where your business needs to be positioned and how to move forward and position your company. I recommend you take your time and document all that you find so you can position your company in the areas that best pertain to the products and services you offer.

Step Two is to register your small business on all the local area directories, Google and Yahoo. This way you will have the most visibility and the searcher (your prospect) is able to locate and communicate with you easier.

Step Three is to create and setup separate landing pages so you can track and test how the listings are working for you. If you want to take it a step further – apply testing software and shortened URL’s in each of the directory links. These links lead to specific pages and allow for targeted testing and tracking.

Step Four is to setup a mobile website. This way you can capture any searcher who is on their mobile device looking for your type of business, product or service.

Step Five is to optimize your main website for the search engines. The result of doing this will be a better experience for your prospects and clients and more targeted traffic. By optimizing your main site, it should make it easier for the searcher to find, contact and obtain information about your company.

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