October 17, 2023

5 Buzzwords Today’s Marketers Should Know

By Jay Bemis | Advertising Systems Inc.
Are you a LinkedInfluencer? You know: As in one of those marketing or other business influencers who has conquered the art of using LinkedIn, the business-to-business (B2B), social-media platform?

If so, you know that LinkedInfluencers understand that more than one in five people in the United States are on LinkedIn and that both the creator economy and B2B ad spend are expected to keep growing in years ahead.

“LinkedInfluencer” also is among a list of “5 marketing buzzwords worth knowing,” as recently identified by Sara Lebow, a newsletter analyst at eMarketer/Insider Intelligence, who most likely sees a fair share of buzzwords come across her desktop every day.

Many buzzwords are a result of conjuring up a “portmanteau,” Lebow explains. That’s a French word and has come to mean combining the spellings and meanings of two or more other words or word parts to make another word.

Think “smog,” from smoke and fog, perhaps — or, a more contemporary example, “cosplay,” which is the act of dressing up as a fictional character in a costume inspired by video games, film or TV.

With Halloween looming, there will be plenty of cosplay displayed across social media channels soon.

More Buzzwords for Your Marketing Vocabulary

Want to know more marketing buzzwords that might be good to drop in front of your bosses during a Zoom call soon — just in case they haven’t heard of those words, and just so you can impress them?

Here are four more buzzwords addressed by eMarketer wordsmith Lebow in a recent post:

  • Gen Zalpha

Gen Zalpha is a combination of Gen Z and Gen Alpha, which means anyone born after 1996.

“How is it used?” Lebow asks. “Remember zillennials (Gen Z combined with millennials)? Gen Zalpha has taken over as the term used to refer to young folks with increasing spending power.

“Why should you care? Gen Zalpha’s spending power will grow three times faster than any other generation’s by 2030, according to a Bain & Company report. Marketers who want to build brand loyalty among young folks will need to focus on this demographic.”

  • Phygital

Phygital is a buzzword, or paramount if you will, that combines the words “physical” and “digital” and means allowing marketers to target across in-person and online channels seamlessly.

“A successful phygital marketing campaign,” Lebow says, “might show consumers a product in a social media ad and then retarget them with an in-app deal on that product when they visit a store.”

With holiday-sales season already blooming, “phygital” might be a good term to toss to a boss in one of those Zoom calls soon.

  • Fediverse

What does it mean?

“The federated universe refers to decentralized social networks where platforms can communicate across servers,” Lebow explains.

She says “the fediverse includes Mastodon, the decentralized platform that got a lot of buzz when Elon Musk took over X, formerly known as Twitter.”

Why should you as a marketer care?

“Fediverse platforms are ad-free, meaning they probably aren’t top of mind for advertisers. But if fediverse platforms were to take off, brands would no longer be beholden to big social media companies in the same way.”

  • Edutainment

Many marketers and even their bosses probably have heard this buzzword before, especially if they deploy video marketing as part of their company’s overall marketing strategy.

Edutainment is content that educates while it entertains.

“Brands like stationery company Papier have tapped into edutainment on TikTok as a marketing strategy by featuring tutorials on bullet journaling and note taking,” Lebow notes.

“Edutainment allows brands to feature content on how to actually use their products. It’s a great way to build community, enhance creator content, and engage with TikTok trends.”

A synonym of edutainment could be “advertainment,” she adds.

“Not so far from edutainment, advertainment refers to advertisements that provide entertainment, meaning viewers are more likely to be engaged.”

Who knows? Maybe when dropping one of these five buzzwords in your daily conversations at work, it’s possible your management will be become as engaged and happy as your viewers, and customers, too.

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