April 13, 2023

Online Audio Booms With Marketing Opportunities

By Jay Bemis | Advertising Systems Inc.
Now hear this: Why might you turn to online audio as a tool in your company’s marketing and advertising efforts?

Consider that last year, 74% of internet users in the United States, or 222.7 million people, listened to some form of online audio, according to a January report from eMarketer/Insider Intelligence. That amounts to two-thirds of the U.S. population.

“US internet users spend more time listening to digital audio than they do streaming video, using social media or playing video games,” the eMarketer report said.

“Their ability to listen to music while doing something else plays a significant role. Music complements and accompanies people’s activities more than many other types of media.”

Online or digital audio encompasses not only downloaded or streamed music, though: There also are the worlds of live podcasts, talk shows and radio shows.

Podcasts, particularly, have become increasingly popular in the U.S. in recent years, with the average internet user spending an average of 58 minutes a day last year listening to them, eMarketer says.

Why Not Try Some Online Audio Marketing?

Online audio marketing campaigns are a way of reaching your target audience through such digital content as music, podcasts or radio shows. By using online audio ads, you can deliver your message to listeners who are already engaged and receptive to the content they’re consuming.

Online audio ads also can help you create a personal connection with your audience, because sound can convey emotion and personality better than text or images, scientists have found.

Marketers at smaller and mid-sized companies have found, meanwhile, that online audio marketing campaigns are not easy to set up by themselves. As a result, they often turn to an audio marketing specialist who can help them plan, create, execute and optimize their online audio ad campaigns.

The Benefits of an Online Audio Marketing Campaign

An audio marketing campaign specialist can help you find the right platforms and audiences for your ads and in other ways — from producing high-quality audio creatives to tracking and reporting on your campaign’s performance.

Other benefits of a managed online audio marketing campaign include:

  • Saving time and money. Spare yourself the hours of researching, negotiating and managing your own online audio ads: A marketing specialist can help you focus on your core business, while you let that expert handle your online audio marketing campaign.
  • Accessing premium inventory. You can tap into the best and most popular online audio platforms and content providers — say, iHeartMedia — or the hottest of current podcasts. Such platforms boast millions of loyal and engaged listeners who trust and enjoy their content.
  • Reaching your ideal audience. You can target your online audio ads based on various criteria, such as demographics, interests, behaviors, locations, devices or moments. You can also employ audience network ads to reach listeners across multiple platforms with one campaign.
  • Driving action and conversions. You can use online audio ads to inspire your listeners to take action, such as visiting your website, downloading your app or making a purchase. You can also use clickable links or companion banners to direct your listeners to your online destination.

Why not try a managed audio campaign? It just might make some noise for your company — and allow you to sit back and enjoy a little music or other audio content for yourself.

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