August 13, 2012

4 Ways to Feng Shui Your Work Space

by Jaimie Siegle | Advertising Systems, Inc.

Does your desk look like this?

Desk Clutter, Office Feng Shui, Messy Cubicle

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You probably aren’t alone. If clutter and a lack of concentration has caused a dip in productivity at work, following a few Feng Shui principles may help you get back on track. This ancient Chinese practice, used to bring positive energy and prosperity into the life and home, offers small tweaks to help you make room for success. Check out our top 4 Feng Shui tips below.

1. Go Green

Add a plant to signify growth, purify the air, and bring living energy to your work space. Opt for a money plant, low-maintenance bamboo, or  air-purifying foliage such as a peace lily or Boston fern.

2. Get Clean

They say a cluttered desk of a sign of a cluttered mind, so clean off your work space to allow for the flow of positive energy.

3. Just Add Water

In Feng Shui, water symbolizes the flow of money. Add an image of water, mirror or fish tank on the north side of your office or cubicle. (Hey, it couldn’t hurt, right?!)

4. Take Command

Practice Feng Shui’s commanding position: If possible, never sit with your back to a window or the door. Instead, try to maintain “supportive energy” by positioning your back to a wall and having a good view of the entryway. The diagram below from Feng Shui expert Amanda Collins shows multiple “commanding positions” for your desk.

feng shui office, commanding desk positions

What do you think about Feng Shui at the workplace? Leave us your comments below.

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